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What is reasonable for debian/NEWS?

I have a package (the cd audio ripper asunder) that has been using
freedb.org for getting CDDB information, which has closed it's service
- and is replacing it with gnudb.org which provide the same service.

I am about to upload a new version to unstable where I patch this since
a new upstream version hasn't been released yet - but this change of
course only changes the default setting, any user will need to change
their individual setting too.

Is this reasonable to mention in debian/NEWS? (I just learned that it
shouldn't be NEWS.Debian, but only NEWS)...

Also, this could be a candidate for a stable update too, right?

(And I know what you are thinking - A CD ripper? Do people still use
CDs? - Yes, they do. :)

-- Andreas Rönnquist

[Please don't CC me, if I mail to a mailinglist, I am subscribed to it.]

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