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RFH, dbab 1.5 preparation

Hi mentors,

I need to dip into the vast knowledge of this group as my question is
not purely Debian packing base (it is a critical step towards it

I'm preparing for my dbab 1.5 release, and I'm testing it in docker.
Then it hits me that releasing it to be docker ready would definitely
be a plus. But the problem is, if I put it in docker, my CMD will only
last 8 seconds, then it stops.

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                    COMMAND
CREATED             STATUS                     PORTS
76c9272308eb        sys/dbab-docker:latest   "/start.sh"         9
seconds ago       Exited (1) 8 seconds ago

The build instruction is here -

I did tried to build a docker image and uploaded to docker hub, but
then I realized that because it needs customization, my docker image
is only suitable to me, not anybody else. So you need to build for

As a comparison, this will stay there just fine

But the two CMD ends with exactly same command.

If I don't do `docker run -d` but `docker run -it`, then do
`/start.sh` within the interactive shell, then AOK.

I've been fighting with this since last Friday, but things are so
weird that I've run out of ideas now. Would you help please?

PS. a bit of "pre-release-commercial" about my dbab 1.5 in docker --

A turn key solution as a central LAN server, wrapped in a small docker

- Provides DNS, DHCP, local caching and ads filtering services for
machines on the LAN
- All configuration for DNS, DHCP, local caching and ads filtering
services are done automatic, or semi-automatic
- Only less than 55M in image size (53.5MB as we speak)
- Compressed size is only less than 20MB if uploaded to docker hug
(17.36 MB as we speak)


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