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Bug#951202: fixed alignment

Hi Jordan and Thomas,

thank you for your kind advise. I updated the package with all the 
proposed changes.

> Do you plan to try to maintain the package going forward? (Watch for
> new upstream releases, work on bugs, etc?)

Yes, I want to further maintain this package.

> Do you have plans to manage the package files in git, perhaps on
> salsa.debian.net? I'm not sure if it is allowed to start using salsa
> for a project before it makes it into debian. The salsa FAQ is vague
> on this point:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/FAQ#What_can_be_hosted_on_salsa
> But I think it is often allowed. I know of at least 2 cases where a
> repo was created for a package before it got included into Debian. I
> expect some basic review of the package is probably good first, and
> perhaps this email can serve for that.
> If not salsa.debian.net, you could still host it in a github repo and
> include the links to it in the control file. (And, that could move to
> salsa later too.)

I do want to manage the package on salsa.debian.org. It would be nice, 
if you could create a repository and give me upload rights to it. My 
username is lmarz.

- Leon

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