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Bug#935485: Looking for help with a recently removed package, kcollectd


> Thanks for looking at the package!  I've corrected the missing build
> dependencies, and cleaned up the debian directory a bit, as you suggested.

cool, now it builds on my sbuilder too.
> I've changed the maintainer to be Qt/KDE, and changed my role to uploader
> (and I've added you there as well, is that appropriate?).

No please remove myself from uploaders, as I'm only the sponsor. I do not 
intend at the moment to care about new versions of kcollectd. You care about 
the package and do the uploads!

As we will manage this as part of the Qt/KDE team we also use a location that 
reflects this:

you should have enough permissions to push to this location. Please update the 
debian/control according to the new locations.

Are the version 0.10.2-1, 0.10.2-2 and 0.10.2-3 released somewhere (aka Ubuntu 
or anywhere else)? If not please merge the changelog entries, as it is unusal 
to keep non released versions in changelog. 
Normally you keep the last changelog entry open and just add new stuff until we 
release to Debian/Ubuntu. [1]

The rest I reviewed looks fine, so only these small bits from my side and we 
can upload.

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to ask!


[1] https://qt-kde-team.pages.debian.net/gitguidelines.html

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