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Bug#935929: RFS: btrfs-progs/5.2.1-1~bpo10+1 -- Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities

On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 04:44:31PM +0000, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
>    ack!
>    Il mercoledì 28 agosto 2019, 05:45:30 CEST, Nicholas D Steeves
>    <nsteeves@gmail.com> ha scritto:
>    Package: sponsorship-requests
>    Severity: normal
>    Dear mentors (CCing Gianfranco who sponsored this pkg many times in the
>    past),
>    I am looking for a sponsor for my package "btrfs-progs" and am
>    continuing my support for a stable-backport of this package.  In
>    addition to the usual btrfs-check (offline fsck equivalent)
>    improvements and bugfixes, this release includes a variety of cosmetic
>    enhancements.  P.S. the stanza below was autogenerated on mentors.

Thank you Gianfranco :-)

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