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Bug#935485: Looking for help to adopt recently removed package, kcollectd

Hi Antonio!

On Sat, 31 Aug 2019 13:48:25 -0600 Antonio Russo <antonio.e.russo@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've been following a bit of a breadcrumb trail, and I hope I'm in the right
> place now. kcollectd, a tool for viewing log information, has recently been
> removed from unstable because it lacked a Qt 5 port [1]. I have ported that
> package and I've taken over the upstream (which has been dead for years) [2].
> I'm offering to maintain the Debian package, but I have received very little
> response to my ITA RFS bug [3]. Should I refile this as an ITP bug, since the
> package has, in fact, already been removed?
> I spoke with Scott Kitterman, who requested the removal, and he said
> knows of no other reason the package should be removed. The updated
> packaging fixes several outstanding bugs, and makes the Debian lintian
> report much cleaner (one is, I believe, a false positive, and the other
> is due to lack of package tests which aren't really relevant to this kind of
> UI software).
> Is anyone here willing to sponsor this package, offer any criticism of
> the package, or direct me to a place where I might get such help?

I'll happily sponsor you. If you do IRC I'm lisandro on oftc, feel free to ping me, specially on #debian-kde

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