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Re: Removing binary package from source

On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 09:24:40AM +0200, Birger Schacht wrote:
> I fail to find out the right syntax for the version string. The current
> version in unstable is 0.7.4+ds-1, though in amd64 it is 0.7.4+ds-1+b1
> (I don't know where that +b1 comes from). 
From a binNMU.

> Is there a way of specifying
> the version without having to add the +b1, so that there is one 'Breaks'
> that works for all architectures?
> Even better would be if it was possible to only specify the upstream
> version, because even if there was a debian revision -2 in the future,
> it would still be broken...
> I tried multiple times, but dpkg only fails to install the new
> libusbguard0 if I specify the whole version string:
> Breaks: usbguard-applet-qt (<= 0.7.4+ds-1+b1)
<< 0.7.5+ds or whatever is the new version.


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