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uscan of the tango package


When I try to import the new tango[1] sources with

gbp import-orig -uscan

I get this error

xxxx:~/Debian/tango/tango$ LANG=C gbp import-orig --uscan
gbp:info: Launching uscan...
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/RestServer-1.14.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Pogo-9.6.23.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/LogViewer-2.0.5.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Jive-7.22.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/JTango-9.5.15.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/JSSHTerminal-1.16.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/DBBench-1.3.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Astor-7.2.7.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKWidget-9.3.6.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKTuning-4.7.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKPanel-5.8.jar: Not found in archive
tar: tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKCore-9.3.6.jar: Not found in archive
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
uscan: error: tar --delete tango-9.3.3/lib/java/RestServer-1.14.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Pogo-9.6.23.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/LogViewer-2.0.5.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Jive-7.22.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/JTango-9.5.15.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/JSSHTerminal-1.16.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/DBBench-1.3.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/Astor-7.2.7.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKWidget-9.3.6.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKTuning-4.7.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKPanel-5.8.jar tango-9.3.3/lib/java/ATKCore-9.3.6.jar subprocess returned exit status 2
gbp:error: Uscan failed - debug by running 'uscan --verbose'

The copyright file  exclude all the .jar files from the sources. So I do not undrrstand why tar complain about these missing files.



[1] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/tango.git

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