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Bug#935390: RFS: vnstat/2.4-1 [NMU] [ITA]

Hi Sven,

Thanks for the reply. Spent the whole day (and evening!) doing my best
to go through all the necessary steps to learn how to create a reliable
first Debian package, but guess I'm not totally surprised it is not
quite correct somehow!

In any case, along with the RFS another email sent was an "ITS: vnstat"
[1] due this package qualifying for salvaging. So my intent is actually
to move towards being maintainer of vnstat (starting out with sponsored
maintainership, of course). That was actually Teemu (the developer's)
suggestive prompt to me in an email yesterday (after I alerted him to a
minor cosmetic bug in vnstat and he alerted me to the situation of the
vnstat package in Debian apparently having a "MIA" maintainer).

The very problem appears to be a one year lack of any sign of activity
from Christian relative this package, so that's why the ITS and RFS from
me today. My understanding is that a three week window is given for the
maintainer to respond to an ITS so we will see if Christian returns into
some communication about vnstat during that time. Until then, I'll keep
brushing up on my new learning with the whole complexity of the Debian
packaging process!


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=935391

On 08/22/2019 02:45 AM, Sven Hoexter wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 01:26:35AM -0700, Rob Savoury wrote:
> Hey Rob,
>> Changes since the last upload:
>>    * New upstream version 2.4
>>  .
>>    * debian/patches/
>>        + drop patch applied upstream (timeout for restart)
>>        + modify pidfile and systemd patches for new source files
>>    * d/control: bump to std version 4.4.0 and add libsqlite3-dev BD (vnstat 2.x)
> While I value the work, this is not properly packaged as an NMU.
> I uploaded the last NMU by Teemu because it made perfectly sense to upload
> those changes which were already implemented by Christian Göttsche. But Christian
> is still the maintainer of the package as far as I can tell.
> So would be nice to have an ACK from him if such kind of informal team uploads
> are ok. And beside of that NMUs which implement major version changes are mostly
> an exception. I would prefer either some team upload or some notice by Christian
> how he intents to handle this package.
> Sven

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