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Re: dbgsym metapackages?

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 3:18 AM Ross Vandegrift wrote:

> Make it easier for users/devs to get backtraces for EFL apps.  Automatic dbgsym
> results in 49 dbgsym packages from src:efl.  Getting all of the required ones
> for a given backtrace can be a chore.  A metapackage occurred to me as a
> possible improvement in the absence of a tool addressing #843466.

You can use find-dbgsym-packages (from debian-goodies) to get the list
of dbgsym packages needed for a given ELF file or core dump.

> Any other ideas would be welcome too.

Probably adding something to apt is the way to go here. ISTR there
have been some discussions with the apt maintainers about this.



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