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Bug#934197: RFS: assaultcube-data/ [ITA] -- data files and documentation for AssaultCube


srry, don't have time to check the details now, for this change double-
parandid-check please: 

>   * Changed upstream VCS-fields. Moved to salsa.d.o. (Closes:

Check if that is legally possible. Upstream has here a "unmodified
distribution clause" and I'm hosting it on a gitlab instance is covered
by the license.

Upstream License Text:

The entire AssaultCube package

AssaultCube is FREEWARE. By downloading the AssaultCube package(s) you
agree that you may freely use and redistribute the AssaultCube
package(s) UNMODIFIED (the AssaultCube package(s) can be originally
found at https://github.com/assaultcube/AC) on any media, subject to
the following licensing conditions:

    AssaultCube is provided "as-is", without any express or implied
    In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising
from the use of AssaultCube.
    You MAY NOT use AssaultCube for ANY commercial purposes.
    You may re-compress the AssaultCube package(s) using different
archival formats (i.e. zip/tgz/rpm/deb/dmg).
    Any other changes beyond this, require EXPLICIT permission.
    The origin of AssaultCube, or its package(s) must not be
    You must not claim that you created AssaultCube or any of the
original AssaultCube package(s).
    You must not modify AssaultCube for the purposes of gaining an
unfair advantage over others and you must not redistribute these
modifications in any form, including, but not limited to videos, text
and software.

PLEASE NOTE: This license is for the entire UNMODIFIED AssaultCube
package(s). You may choose to disect, and use or redistribute, etc.
pieces of AssaultCube, instead of the entire package(s) if you wish.
HOWEVER, you must adhere to the license specified for that particular
data. If no license is specified, you MUST assume that the data is
COPYRIGHT and you are NOT allowed to redistribute that data outside of
an UNMODIFIED AssaultCube package(s). 

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