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Re: Sharing a script between two "Multi-Arch: foreign" packages

On 2019-08-06 16:45 +0200, Jens Reyer wrote:
> Hi all,
> is there a way for two different, arch-specific packages (from the same
> source package) to share an identical file (script)?

Only if those two arch-specific packages have the same name -
i.e. they are the 'same' package from dpkg's point of view, just
arch-specific variants of it.

> This works for "Multi-Arch: same" packages:
> $ dpkg -S /usr/share/doc/libwine/changelog.Debian.gz
> libwine:i386, libwine:amd64: /usr/share/doc/libwine/changelog.Debian.gz
> $ dpkg -S /usr/lib/wine/wineserver
> wine32:i386, wine64:amd64: /usr/lib/wine/wineserver

If I understand correctly you want 'wine32' and 'wine64' (different
packages) to share a file.
dpkg has special magic to notice that files in multiarch:same packages
which are in fact identical may be installed over each other without
complaining about clashes, and mark tham as being owned by all the
install arch variants, and not remove them until the last version of
the package is removed.

Otherwise a file is always owned by exactly one package.

So if you could arrange to just have a 'wine' binary that was 32 or 64
as required then you could make this work as you want. Otherwise you
need both those packages to depend on another wine-startup or whatever
that contains the shared file.

(I think - I admit I haven't fully groked the wine package layout)

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