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Re: packaging stellar, gitlab-ci fails, wrong installation path?

Nico Schlömer <nico.schloemer@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm starting to package Stellar, a tet mesh optimizer [1].

> The package is very basic, but still things are failing. I don't know why.

> 1. The gitlab-ci build [2] fails with
> ```
> Checking cache for default...
> FATAL: file does not exist
> Failed to extract cache
> ```
> What does this mean?

You can ignore this one. 

Salsa CI uses ccache to speed up compilation and stores this cache
internally. If there was never anything compiled before, the extraction
of the cache fails until it has been created once.

The real failure is further down:

| gbp:error: Non-native package 'stellar' has invalid version '1.0'


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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