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Bug#933671: RFS: multimail/0.52-1

El 1/8/19 a las 17:43, Adam Borowski escribió:
> On Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 01:57:51PM -0300, Fernando Toledo wrote:
>>  * Package name    : multimail
>>    Version         : 0.52-1
>>   Changes since the last upload:
>>   adjust patch and build version 0.52
>>   https://github.com/ftoledo/pkg-multimail/blob/master/debian/changelog
> At a brief glance, the package seems ok, but the changelog has a lot of
> confusion wrt who's maintaining it: first there's a not-in-archive adoption
> by Robert James Clay, then your NMU, then a seemingly regular entry.
> Could you please describe that in a more obvious way?
> I haven't yet reviewed the package well enough for 11 years of neglect.
> Meow!
Yeah i think so too, Peter Karlsson was the mantainer up to 0.49
Then, Robert try to update the package and build the 0.50 that i think
that never was included on debian archive.

Due to lack of updates i want to try to keep the software. (and build
0.51 and now 0.52)

Should the lines of the versions (0.50 and 0.51) be eliminated? and let
the 0.49 and 0.52?

thanks for help!

Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS

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