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Bug#902324: RFS: zeyple/1.2.2-3 [ITP]

Next batch of notes:

 * Please remove 'this manual page documents briefly the zeyple
   command' and paragraph after this in manpage. It adds no information;
   after all, if I type `man foo', I know that I will receive manual for

 * There is no need to build-depends on `debhelper' if you
   build-depends on `debhelper-compat'.

 * Issue with cleaning after build seems to persist. This time
   time `zeyple/.pytest_cache/v/cache/nodeids' is not cleaned.

   Please note that I do not claim, that this is only file not cleaned
   properly, I just quote error dpkg-buildpackage gives me right now.

 * Please investigate, whether shebang patch is really needed. If not,
   I propose to drop it. Not really essential, but less patches -- less

 * Purely matter of style. Maybe it worth to avoid duplication in
   debian/rules with Make functions? I am perfectly fine, if you prefer
   it this way.

It seems you make force pushes into master. For now, it is okay, but
note that rewriting history after it become public (e.g after upload) is
very disruptive for other (prospective?) contributors.

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