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Bug#906536: Sponsor for my package "cavestory-nx"

Hi Phil,

> I believe this is the problematic section of debian/copyright? I also
> found https://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses#Public_Domain helpful.

I would like the section of this game to be "contrib/games",
but because of this problem I left it as a "non-free/games".

> Files: data/*
> Copyright: not applicable
> Author: 2004 Studio Pixel <amaya.pixel@gmail.com>
> License: public-domain
>  This software was written by Daisuke Amaya also known by his art name 'Pixel'.
>  .
>  You absolutely can't use these in anything commercial; the work is not subject
>  to copyright in any jurisdiction.
>  .
>  This file is in the public domain. It is provided "as is", without warranty of
>  any kind. Use at your own risk.
> The second paragraph is self-contradicting - if it's not subject to
> copyright, then it's use can't be restricted to NC. Perhaps the author
> would prefer a different license? (any form of NC is still non-free)

Removed this second paragraph from the copyright.

> To avoid future disputes, after a private email conversation it is
> necessary to have a public record of the conclusion. Perhaps the author
> would be happy to email a CC0 style waiver:
> https://creativecommons.org/choose/zero/waiver
> * For public-domain "Copyright" line means who had the authority to
>   license the work, i.e. the author, not "not applicable"
> * Since the full name is known, I would put that in the copyright line
>   e.g Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya <amaya.pixel@gmail.com>

Many thanks for the tip, and modified according to the instructions.

> > > Why do you have 3 sponsorship-requests bugs open for the same package?
> > > Please close two of them and re-title the bug you leave open to the new
> > > version.
> > 
> > Okay, I'll close these open requests.
> As well as closing 903872 & 905984 for the old version, it would help if
> 906536 blocks the ITP but lose the "[ITP]" in the subject. FWIW these
> days I don't bother with sponsorship-requests for games and just post
> directly to the mailing list and only if I get no response raise an RFS.

I'm sorry for my mistakes made with "sponsorship-requests",
in the next packages I'll be more careful. :(

Closed 903872 & 905984 in d/changelog.
Retitled Short Description: #906536


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