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Bug#907192: pre-RFS: tensorflow/1.10.0+dfsg-A1 [ITP] -- debian archve += 1 million lines of code

Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-science@lists.debian.org
Control: tags -1 +moreinfo
Control: blocks -1 by 906646 894411
Control: blocks 804612 by -1

Hi Mentors and d-Science Team,

**Many thanks** to Aron Xu for his sponsorship with a 512GB-RAM builder.
Without this machine I'll never be able to reach this step, so that
postpone this ITP forever.

key points of this mail in case if you don't want to read the whole mail

 1. able to produce libtensorflow.so now, in a Policy-friendly manner.
 2. any help will be appreciated, especially for CMake.


This not a real RFS, but sort of weak request for review/help.
I'm not proficient in CMake so I'm not sure whether I'm doing
the correct choice all the time. Anyway, The good news is that
I'm already able to build libtensorflow.so for Debian experimental,
on both amd64 and ppc64el architectures.

At the time of writing, debomatic-amd64 has nearly finished the build
but failed (maybe not enough memory):
Note, this buildlog is as big as 107MB.

Here is a list of remaining TODOs for stage A:
(The list is copied from README.Debian at
 https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/tensorflow ,
 please lookup README.Debian for the full version)

- [x] prevent the build system from downloading anything.
- [x] deal with all the C/C++ lib dependencies.
- [x] produce libtensorflow.so.1.10 and install it into .deb package.
- [x] ambiguous FFT2D license.

- [ ] build tests files (googletest) and run the tests.
- [ ] make sure nothing from contrib is built. they are not officially supported.
- [ ] remove useless parts from cmake build.
- [ ] misc improvements to cmake build. (at least make it easier to read)
- [ ] is the resulting libtensorflow.so.1.10 correct and working?
  - [ ] write autopkgtest with some mini C/C++ programs.
  - [ ] working on amd64?
  - [ ] working on ppc64el?
- [ ] make sure libtensorflow/amd64 is linked against libmkldnn
- [ ] sort out this confusing lintian E
      source-is-missing tensorflow/compiler/aot/codegen_test_o.golden
- [ ] remaining lintian warnings and errors.
- [ ] traverse the 16000+ files in the source tree and complete d/copyright.
- [ ] Can't the blob be even smaller?
      -rwxr-xr-x 1 debian debian 3.6G Aug 24 13:53 libtensorflow.so.1.10.0 (unstripped)
      -rwxr-xr-x 1 debian debian 104M Aug 24 14:00 libtensorflow.so.1.10.0 (stripped)
- [ ] 16GB RAM + 16GB swap is not enough to avoid triggering OOM killer?
- [ ] get rid of static linking written for stupid windows
      /usr/bin/ld: error: benchmark_model(.debug_info) is too large (0x35a9f359 bytes)
      /usr/bin/ld: error: benchmark_model(.debug_str) is too large (0x6a545d15 bytes)
      /usr/bin/ld: error: benchmark_model(.debug_loc) is too large (0x1f5b1950 bytes)
      make[3]: Leaving directory '/<<BUILDDIR>>/tensorflow-1.10.0+dfsg/obj-x86_64-linux-gnu'
      [ 98%] Built target benchmark_model
      /usr/bin/ld: error: compare_graphs(.debug_info) is too large (0x366f36be bytes)
      /usr/bin/ld: error: compare_graphs(.debug_str) is too large (0x6a64010e bytes)
      /usr/bin/ld: error: compare_graphs(.debug_loc) is too large (0x1fd19fe0 bytes)
- [ ] how to prevent "make install" from building everything again?

- [ ] upload to experimental.


tensorflow (1.10.0+dfsg-A1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

  * Initial release. (Closes: #804612)
  * Stage A (with Debian revision "A*") indicates that the source
    package only produce C and C++ library and development files.

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