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Bug#884697: logrotate package

Hello Christian,

On Sun, Aug 19, 2018 at 11:05:49AM +0200, Christian Göttsche wrote:
> > Please tell me if you want me to go ahead with further testing and
> > uploading of the package, or if you already have someone else in mind
> > for this task.
> Yes, I'd like to go ahead.

There doesn't seem to be any (signed) debian/3.14.0-1 tag in the
logrotate repository at

Please push one, or if you'd rather finish up the changes in master
and release them then please push a (signed) debian/3.14.0-2 tag.
Also you might also want to add a debian/gbp.conf explicitly
specifying which options should be used with this repo,
like 'pristine-tar = True' etc.
cf. https://salsa.debian.org/debian/iwd/blob/debian/master/debian/gbp.conf

Poke me again once tagged and I'll look at uploading it.

(I can probably guess that --git-debian-tag=a919cd247cfe5 is right, but
I'd rather not guess and let you be explicit about what to use.)

Andreas Henriksson

PS. If you skip including debian/changelog entries in your commits
and instead generate them from commit message using 'gbp dch --auto'
it'll be easier to revert/cherry-pick/merge if needed later.

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