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Bug#902225: RFS: ii/1.8-1

> Hi,
> thanks for the review!
> Niels Thykier:
>> # The remark:
> Oops! Fixed, thanks. (Updated Build-Dependency on debhelper.)

Ack. :)

>>  * Relicense the patches to the same as upstream (requires approval from
>>    the previous maintainer).  We already spoke about this on IRC.
> Previous maintainer approves (see #902225 message #23). (@Nico: Thanks!)
> (Updated d/copyright.)

Excellent.  For good measure, please document this in the changelog.
Mostly so it is obvious to people who were not following along on these
bugs (and to help ourselves if we are asked to explain it later)

On a related note, there is a minor but relevant mistake in the
debian/copyright file:

Files: *
License: MIT

Files: debian/*
License: GPL-2

The problem is that the "debian/*" overshadows the debian/patches/*
entry.  According to the copyright file, debian/patches/* are still
under the GPL-2.
  This is caused by how the copyright file is read.  I a bit surprised
that lintian did not give any warnings about this (it does for some
similar cases), so I have filed #905747 to improve the situation.

>> [... other suggestions ...]
> Done.


>>  * Have you considered setting up a git repository for the packaging on
>>    salsa.debian.org?
> Yes. I'm currently using https://salsa.debian.org/itd-guest/ii.
> It has restricted ("internal") visibility, since it's not official. I
> couldn't find a previous repository. "gbp import-dscs --debsnap ii" was
> used to import previous package versions (IIRC).

A good idea for bootstrapping a git repo. :)  Given that you are (about
to be) the official maintainer for ii, please make it public and then
you can add the Vcs-Git + Vcs-Browser fields in debian/control as well. :)
  Alternatively, we can add a "debian/ii" repo that you can work in if
you think that would be better.  (But I do not think it is worth
stalling the upload for that.  Uploads are cheap so we can always do
another one for that)

On a related note, as Axel mentioned, Nico has retired from Debian.
Please replace him with yourself in the Maintainers field (and drop the
Uploaders field).  :)

These bits are less critical and can wait till a later upload if you prefer.

> # Other changes
> * use libbsd-dev to provide strlcpy(3) and exclude "strlcpy.c"
> * apply upstream patch that adds additional user input validation

Excellent. :)

> Thanks again!
> Regards,
> itd
> --
> $ head -n 17 debian/changelog
> [...]

Once again, thanks for working on improving Debian, :)

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