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Bug#888807: RFS: qstardict/1.3-1

Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Boyuan,

here's your review:

- small typo in d/copyright: Alexander had maintained the package in
  2007 and 2008. Also it should be "Comment:" (singular)
- Please review d/copyright. I found at least one file which is not
  properly recorded (wrong license and wrong copyright holder)
- don't install README.md -- it does not have extra information beyond
  a package  description and compilation instructions (which are useless
  for the users of the binary package)
  There is also a slight bug in it: The URLs at the bottom seems
  outdated, they will forward to the github project from the watch file.
  Maybe at least report that to upstream.)
- Please upstream the manpage (Alexander as upstream should include it
  there so that other distributions will also benefit from it)
- The embedded libqxt -- can you use the Debian packaged version?
- Some lintian stuff:
	N: Processing binary package qstardict (version 1.3-1, arch amd64) ...
	I: qstardict: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/qstardict writen written
	I: qstardict: spelling-error-in-binary
	usr/lib/qstardict/plugins/libstardict.so wil will
	I: qstardict: spelling-error-in-binary
	usr/lib/qstardict/plugins/libstardict.so formated formatted
	I: qstardict: desktop-entry-lacks-keywords-entry
	(spelling errors should be at least sent upstream, but they
	are quite easy to fix and then a patch can be sent upstream :))
	note that the spelling errors might also needs fixing in the
        translation templates.
- check-all-the-things also found a bit of stuff.
- The watch file is not working.

Future homework (optional -- bonus points area ;-))
- There are many bugs on the BTS that needs bug triaging, e.g
  #494701, #611106, #699940 and maybe others too.  It is possible that
  those bugs are not valid anymore, as they are quite old already.
  Please document the findings in the BTS, file them upstream and/or
  link them to upstream bugs if relevant :)
- Please check with upstream if they have the source for the pngs
  which where obviously created with inkscape (check all the things
  told so). They should be included in the source...
	# Check with upstream where the Inkscape SVG source files are.
	$ find . -type f \( -iname '*.png' -o -iname '*.gif' -o -iname '*.jpg'
	-o -iname '*.jpeg' \) -exec grep -nHiF inkscape {} +
	Binary file ./qstardict/pixmaps/system-search.png matches
	Binary file ./qstardict/pixmaps/download.png matches
	Binary file ./qstardict/pixmaps/plugin.png matches

Please fix the points above, and then remove the moreinfo tag to
signal that it is ready for another round.

Many thanks!


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