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Bug#867731: RFS: smart-mode-line/2.10.1-1 [ITP]

Juhani Numminen kirjoitti 22.01.2018 klo 23:24:
> Nicholas D Steeves kirjoitti 22.01.2018 klo 21:10:
>> I use this package every day and have updated the package several
>> times in the last year.  It's currently at Policy 4.1.3 and dh/compat
>> level 11.  Please consider sponsoring :-)
> The current git repository is hosted on Alioth, which will be shut down and replaced
> by Salsa[1]. You should probably migrate the repository there.
> It seems that there isn't a Salsa team corresponding to pkg-emacsen yet, so I suggest you
> coordinate with the pkg-emacsen folks to create one.

Oh, now I see that there exists such a team. :) (But apparently searching for emacsen-team
on the search bar on the top right corner on the Salsa front page won't find it. Maybe that
only searches for projects.)

I still think you should update your Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser for the new repository.


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