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Bug#849754: guerillabackup review

Hello Michael,

Thanks for you detailed review.

Michael Lustfield wrote:
> I reviewed this packaging and came up with some issues:
> - The description does nothing to explain what makes this solution unique.
>   + Why is this special?
>   + How does it even work?
>   + This should be easily gleaned from the package description.

This is the current description for reference. There is similar
topic at the end of the mail, where improvements are discussed
in detail.

 The tool supports asynchronous, local-coordinated, distributed
 secure backup generation, forwarding, verification, storage
 and deletion even in rugged environments. The system is open
 to integration of own code. The codebase is very small and
 kept simple to ease auditing.
 Unlike business backup solutions, guerillabackup also considers
 following conditions that might be encountered with private use:
 * infrastructure uptime below 99%, e.g. machines not always powered
 * poor network connectivity, e.g. mobile access, parallel video
 * poor physical access and anti-theft protection of machines
 * no security monitoring of machines
 See /usr/share/doc/guerillabackup/Design.txt.gz section "Requirements"
 for more information.

> - There is a lintian override for a legitimate mistake (unindented list)

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