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Re: ITA: pygithub/1.35-1

Hello everybody,

Paul, Geert and Ghislain thanks for yours feedback. I am working now with sbuild and I will packaging and will send it again to mentors.debian.

I am using this tutorial for sbuild setup: https://wiki.debian.org/sbuild

But I have this error: E: dsc: amd64 not in arch list or does not match any arch wildcards: all -- skipping

I don't find a solution for the problem, do you have some idea that what could be the problem?


El dom., 14 de ene. de 2018 a la(s) 15:10, Ghislain Vaillant <ghisvail@gmail.com> escribió:
2018-01-14 15:35 GMT+00:00 eamanu15 . <emmanuelarias30@gmail.com>:
> Hello Geert,
> El dom., 14 de ene. de 2018 a la(s) 04:16, Geert Stappers
> <stappers@stappers.nl> escribió:
>> On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 09:42:16PM -0300, eamanu15 . wrote:
>> > El ene 13, 2018 9:41 PM, "Paul Wise" <pabs@debian.org> escribió:
>> > > On Sat, 2018-01-13 at 21:37 -0300, eamanu15 . wrote:
>> > > > this is the only change that I have to make??
>> > > No idea, I didn't review the package.
>> > Ok, thanks.
>> In the Original Post was this
>> | Changes since the last upload:
>> |   * New upstream release
>> |   * Update Maintainer field from debian/control (Closes: #851187)
>> |   * Update Standards-Version to 3.9-8
>> |   * Remove override_dh_installchangelogs target from debian/rules
>> |   * Update debian/copyright for debian files

One additional comment, your changelog entries lack explicitness.

"Update" means nothing if you don't provide further details.

What did you update in d/control and d/copyright? What for?

More explicit change logs will facilitate the work of future sponsors.

>> The '3.9-8'  is '3.9.8' which is superseeded.
> This was a typing error. Sorry.

You should also ensure the packaging is up-to-date with current
standards (4.1.3).

The Upgrading-Checklist [1] can help you figure out what has changed
since version 3.9.8.

>> I think that packaging is done in an old environment.
>> A newer environ should be used.
>> There are several ways to do that, such as `sbuild`, `pbuilder`
>> and plain good old `chroot`.
> Do you prefer that I packaging  again using a new environment and send it to
> mentors.debian?

You should try your current packaging on a pbuilder, sbuild or chroot
targetting unstable and run a recent version of Lintian on it to check
for errors and warnings.

[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/#document-upgrading-checklist


Arias Emmanuel

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