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Bug#884740: RFS: pokemmo/1.4.2-1 [ITP] -- Multiplayer online game based on the Pokemon universe

Hi Chris,

> Why not simply package the game?

Yes! My intention is that in the future this package will be the game (client) as we release new
versions of the package.

> > (CC'ing chris so that he can share his thoughts.)
> All of what you wrote sounds pretty reasonable but will hinge on the
> final result. The more verbose in debian/copyright the better, tbh :)

All the emails about the software that I'm sending to the PokeMMO developer, where it will improve
the software development.

Track the last email the developer talked about.

De: Kyu <kyu@pokemmo.eu>
Para: Carlos Donizete Froes <coringao@riseup.net>
Assunto: Re: PokeMMO - Package Uploaded in Debian
Data: Fri, 5 Jan 2018 21:36:02 -0600

> Hi Carlos,
> Once more, thank you for your time. We greatly appreciate it.
> I can see there are some legality questions on the pkg-games-devel mailing list due to the
> external trademark in the package description. Perhaps it is best to rewrite it to something more
> generic?
> If there are any other legal questions, please feel free to mail me. Thanks


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