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Re: Help to clarify an issue

> Well said, I agree 100%.
> I consider both parties to be wrong here:
> * Jonathan went very hasty on the NMU
> * Herbert refuses a patch for a quite annoying thing, fixing which requires
>   no effort on his side (as the submitter did all the work), without
>   providing any rationale
> It's a clear bug to me: the package behaves in a different way based on
> whether an unrelated doodad (some X stuff) is installed or not.  That breaks
> people's muscle memory, requiring user's effort for every single machine the
> package is installed on -- or, on every invocation, thinking "is this shell
> on a GUI machine?".  And I for one ssh to my home desktop a lot.
> "because one does not want to press tab" is a ridiculous explanation.
> Thus, Herbert: could you please tell us if you have any reason to reject the
> fix, other than being annoyed with a NMU done in a wrong way?

It seems more ridiculous to me do not want to use an alias.


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