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Bug#867270: ITA: babl/0.1.28-4

Control: owner -1 !
Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hallo Keng-Yu,

as Andrey already mentioned, it is not enough just to put in your name
as new Maintainer and have the package the same otherwise. 
You need to include improvments to the packages, then the package is
eligible for an upload.

I know this is hard as the package seems to be in good shape, but there
are some hints:
- Take a look at the reproduciblity issue. Maybe they are fixable,
maybe they are not worth (because gcc will be fixed soon)
- The -dbg package could be replaced  by the automatic dbgsym one.
(- Maybe in combination with short debhelper format)
- compat level 10 would be nice 
- there is some commented-out stuff in debian/control. Can it go?

Please take a look at them and then remove the moreinfo tag again
when you have an updated package.


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