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Bug#864839: RFS: yices2/2.6.0-2 [ITP]

Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

Please use the automatic debug packages.
The debian revision for an initial upload should be -1.
Please update Standards-Version to the current version.
Please switch to the debhelper compat level 10.
debian/copyright lacks Source and Upstream-Name.
Please disable DH_VERBOSE.
Please fix lintian warnings related to the descriptions.
I don't like the .install.in thing, I think you should better use
dh-exec(1) or make the upstream build system do the right thing.
Consider using dh_auto_{build,install,test} with additional args instead
of just make. CPPFLAGS are already added to CFLAGS in compat 9 when using
The package doesn't build: "configure:5053: error: *** libpoly library not
found. Try to set LDFLAGS ***".


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