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Bug#861394: RFS: wcc/20170424-1 [ITP] -- a collection of compilation tools to perform binary black magic on the GNU/Linux and other

Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

Please don't put additional changes in the initial changelog entry.
Contents of README.Debian looks like a package description and should be
moved there.
You shouldn't override source-is-missing for files in the orig tarball.
Remove them from there if they are not used.
Please switch to the debhelper compat level 10.
Please bump Standards-Version to the current version.
Your debian/copyright suggests all of the source is licensed under all
four licenses as options. This is not true.
Both the source and the binary pakages ship precompiled PDFs. This is not
allowed in main.
The package bundles several libs, this is wrong, packaged versions should
be used instead.
Putting library packages into Depends explicitly is usually wrong.


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