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Bug#862755: RFS: golang-github-go-ini-ini/1.27.0-1

Hi Félix,

Thanks for your work on the package.

Félix Sipma <felix+debian@gueux.org> writes:
> Here are the remaining issues (logs attached):
> 2017/07/10 21:02:40 FAILED: grafana_2.6.0+dfsg-3 (see buildlogs/grafana_2.6.0+dfsg-3)
> 2017/07/10 21:02:40 FAILED: nomad_0.4.0+dfsg-1 (see buildlogs/nomad_0.4.0+dfsg-1)
> 2017/07/10 21:02:40 FAILED: packer_0.10.2+dfsg-6 (see buildlogs/packer_0.10.2+dfsg-6)

I looked at these, and all seem to be unrelated to your change, i.e. the
builds are already failing. Even if the change plays a role, I think
it’s fair to upload the updated package and let the package maintainers
deal with sorting out the issue as they fix the current FTBFS.

So, I’d say we’re good to go.

Gianfranco, as you’re the owner of this bug, do you want to proceed, or
would you prefer if I did the upload?

Best regards,

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