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Re: How to make a shared lib recognized by debhelpers?

James Cowgill <jcowgill@debian.org> writes:
> You have been hit by bug #35733 in debhelper. Possibly #862909 might
> apply here as well.

Whow! That is quite old.

I am wondering why I can't just put the library into <package>.shlibs
(which is mentioned, but not documented in the dh_makeshlibs manpage) --
in this case I get additionally the warning

> I don't see an easy fix for this, so unfortunately you might have to
> keep the existing workarounds in the packaging.

How would I ensure than the creation of the automatic debug package?
When I just use the existing "strip" command, the debugging symbols just
get removed, and also, how does dh know that it shoud build a debug
package if it does not know that it contains a shared lib?

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