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RFH: pyrit: FTBFS on i386, Python memory corruption?

Hello, I tried to debug this issue, but I didn't find anything useful


the failure doesn't happen on local pbuilder sid i386 environment, neither
on DebOMatic sid i386 environment (it should be really close to the one
used on buildd).
But I can reproduce it on barriere (sid_i386-dchroot environment)

does anybody have any clue for fixing it?

I would wild guess some kernel issue, or some sbuild misconfiguration somewhere?

I have kernel 4.4, DOM has kernel 4.4, barriere is on 3.16.0

(before bothering buildd folks, I would appreciate help in understand if there
is a bug in the code, because maybe buildd is stricter in some checks and shows
an hidden code bug)

thanks a lot,


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