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Re: Data updates in debian packages

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 6:38 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:

> We have the problem (I am not sure whether I posted about this already),
> that the "casacore" package needs additional "casacore-data-XXX"
> packages, providing the basic data to work with casacore. Some of the
> data are almost immutable, others (for example leap seconds) are
> changing every year or so, and others change quite rapidly (high
> precision ephemides forecasts). They all can be downloaded from some FTP
> servers.

FYI leap seconds are already packaged multiple times in Debian, so
please do not add another copy of them.

tzdata: /usr/share/zoneinfo/leap-seconds.list
swe-basic-data: /usr/share/libswe/ephe/seleapsec.txt
ptpd: /usr/share/ptpd/leap-seconds.list.28dec2015
pike7.8-core: /usr/lib/pike7.8/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/leapseconds
pike8.0-core: /usr/lib/pike8.0/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/leap-seconds.list
pike8.0-core: /usr/lib/pike8.0/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/leapseconds

> How should the update service work? Can it just overwrite the existing
> files? How one should handle if an update (with possibly older data) in
> installed to not downgrade the data?

Check out pciutils/usbutils and similar.


Make the applications look in /var by default.

Put the packaged data in /usr/share.

Have the postinst symlink from /var to /usr/share when the /var
location is missing or older than the /usr/share location.

Have an update script that can be run by the sysadmin or from cron
that downloads the latest version and atomically replaces the data in
the /var location.

Make sure that any security/privacy consequences of the non-apt update
method are dealt with.



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