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Re: Data updates in debian packages

On 28/10/16 12:38, Ole Streicher wrote:

My question is now how to provide a good and consistent packaging:
Usually, one would just put the data into a package. This works nicely
for the immutable data, and reasonably for the slowly changing data. The
fast changing data shall be available for all people, but not everyone
needs a daily update. So, for consistency, and to have them available in
CI and build time tests, I would like to also package them directly, but
then to provide an (optional) update service.

How should the update service work? Can it just overwrite the existing
files? How one should handle if an update (with possibly older data) in
installed to not downgrade the data?

I wonder i the very idea to package this data is the correct one. What if you instead package an update service which is able to download all required data and make it available somewhere under /var/lib i. e., not in any package at all? And then adds some packages from which you can seed this service in situations where it's needed: off-line, tests, persistent data etc...



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