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Re: How to trigger rebuild of r-cran-knitr on armel?


>available at the time of building r-cran-knitr.  However, this seems
>to have fixed now since r-base-core= is now available
>for all architectures.  If my assumption that testing migration of
>r-cran-knitr is blocked due to the missing armel Build-Dependency -
>how can I ask for a rebuild?

actually the package is BD-uninstallable, so it will be picked up as soon

as the reverse-dependency is installed.
If builders can't pick it up, it means that something else in the toolchain is blocking

just wait for the line [1]	Uploaded	2h 10m

to become "Installed"

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=r-base&suite=sid


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