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Bug#841222: Acknowledgement (RFS: patat)

On 2016-10-22 19:51-0700, Sean Whitton wrote:
> control: owner -1 !
> control: tag -1 +moreinfo
> Dear Félix,
> Thank you for your work to bring this new package to Debian.  I can't
> sponsor the upload, but I hope this review is useful to you.

Sure it was. Thanks!

> I've split it into two sections: things that I would consider must-fixes
> before an upload to Debian, and suggested improvements.  The latter
> aren't strictly necessary, but they would help demonstrate to a
> potential sponsor that you are committed to maintaining this package in
> Debian.
> Must-fixes
> ==========
> 1. You need to run `dch -r` again so that your changelog is up-to-date
> with your latest commit.


> 2. As I mentioned previously, please add patat to the Haskell team's
> package-plan.git and run the scripts provided to confirm that the
> versions of all the libraries package by the Haskell team are compatible
> with patat.

OK, I thought that I had to do that after having patat uploaded to sid.

> 3. Could you confirm that the package builds with ghc 8, please?  The
> Haskell team is working to have that version of ghc in stretch.

It does, in fact ghc 8 is the default version (stackage lts-7.0) used to
build the package.

> Suggestions
> ===========
> 1. The header of your patch to the README needs some work.  You didn't
> "update" the README -- that implies the patch should be forwarded, but
> it looks to be Debian-specific.  Please add some explanatory text, or a
> better subject, explaining why you made the changes (e.g. "patch README
> for Debian").  Also, add a Forwarded: header.

Done. Not sure about this "Forwarded:" header... The patch aim is to
remove installation instructions and CI links, so I obviously do not
want to forward this upstream.

> 2. You can fix all of these Lintian tags, except possibly
> hardening-no-fortify-functions.  You should definitely deal with the
> warnings.
> W: patat-dbgsym: debug-file-with-no-debug-symbols

I've updated debian/rules to something matching

> I: patat: hardening-no-fortify-functions usr/bin/patat

I've not done anything for this one.

> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat Nam Name
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat isn't isn't
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat forward forward
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat upto up to
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat discontigous discontiguous
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat uncomplete incomplete
> I: patat: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/patat The The

Not sure about this one... Is "patat" too generic for lintian? I've
added this to debian/lintian-overrides.

> I: patat: hardening-no-bindnow usr/bin/patat
> I: patat: hardening-no-pie usr/bin/patat
> I think that in order to pass hardening options to gcc, if you're
> willing to work on that, you'll need to abandon the CDBS build system
> you're using at present.  See the Makefile for keysafe[1] (not yet in
> Debian) to see how to pass the options, and the rules file for the
> stylish-haskell package to see how to do without CDBS.

After reading this Makefile, I'm not sure how keysafe avoids
hardening-no-bindnow and hardening-no-pie... Do you have any clue?

> 3. Please run upstream's test suite during the package build.

Should be done now, I'm not sure about how I run tests... See
debian/rules override_dh_auto_test

> 4. The screenshot should probably be installed into
> /usr/share/doc/patat/examples.


> That should be enough for now!
> [1] https://joeyh.name/code/keysafe/

Concerning the last lintian warning (binary-without-manpage), I'm not
sure it will add anything to "--help", and it is going to add an
overhead to maintain the package... If it's not required I would
prefer not to do anything with this.

I've pushed the new version to mentors and to my git repo.

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