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Bug#841270: (no subject)

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Subject: Re: Bug#841270: RFS: debrequest/0.2 ITP
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[2016-10-20 11:06] Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org>
> It might be more useful to add this to `devscripts` or some other
> existing package rather than adding a new package.

  - `debrequest' is developer tool, and probably will be installed only with
     `devscripts', so from user perspective making it part of `devscripts' is
     right thing.
  - `debrequest' is written in Python3. Including it into `devscripts', written
     in Perl would not facilate code reuse and will complicate maintainace.
     Depends, whether anyone in devescrips team can/want maintain python3 code.

Added devscripts-devel@ into thread. Your opinions, devscripts maintainers?

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