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Bug#841375: [pkg-go] Bug#841375: RFS: golang-gopkg-square-go-jose.v1/1.1.0-1~bpo8+1

Hi Tim,

>I just read the message a bit more closely, and you mention you have the backport ACL

>already.  I just checked the PTS and you have the DM bit set for that package.  Feel free to
>upload it yourself to backports without having to go through anyone else.
>I don't think that any special sponsorship should be required in this case, especially if you are
>already an uploader (and primary author) for the package.

it is required to have a first upload signed by a DD key, because it has to go in backports-new queue.

Do you still plan to upload such golang packages?
(talking about #841375 #841382 #841381 #841380 #841379 #841378 #841377 #841376)



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