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Bug#841031: Bug#841032: RFS: golang-github-hlandau-dexlogconfig/0.0~git20160722.0.055e2e3-1 [ITP]

Hi Peter

>This is indeed an issue with golang micropackages, since the upstream

>authors usually don’t provide more than a few words. For collections
>of miscellaneous functions (os, net, …), one would probably need to
>summarize each function for a meaningful description. I will take
>another look at some point at pkg-go/packages to see how this is
>handled in practice.

I know that, this is why I sponsored it with the warning
(pkg-go is somewhat special here)

>> and please consider switching to compat 10)>I was considering the possibility of backports, but this is actually
>not an issue since debhelper is up-to-date in jessie-backports. Still,
>would you say it is reasonable to postpone the switch to compat 10
>till after the freeze? Where appropriate, I have already enabled

>autoreconf and parallel builds.

You are the maintainer, this isn't clearly a showstopper for me
(I sponsored the packages because I don't require this right now),
so it should only be up to you to know when and if enable it.

Enable, test, upload on experimental, whatever you think is the best
workflow. In the real world, as you said, it won't make much difference
in your packages.

so, lets postpone unless you have some additional changes to drag in :)


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