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Bug#838941: RFS: duperemove/0.11~beta3-3 ITP

control: owner -1 !
control: tags -1 moreinfo


>Some comments:
>- this is ITP bug so in d/changelog you should have one entry. with
>one version, with Initial release and (Closes: #XXXX).
>- in your patch there seems to be some UTF problem in the From:
>- can you push pristine tar branches to the git ? I can't build it.
>In d/control, the passage is not needed, options, arguments have place
>in a man page.
>"When given the -d option, duperemove will submit those extents for
>deduplication using the btrfs-extent-same ioctl."

Since a DD already reviewed it, and the points have been addressed,
I'm adding a little review on top of that one, and probably I'll sponsor soon.

1) missing licenses

rbtree_augmented.h: GPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)

docs/stylesheets/github-light.css: MIT/X11 (BSD like)

interval_tree_generic.h: GPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)

2) wrong copyright years
Copyright (C) 2016 SUSE.

./filerec.c: * which is Copyright 2003 by Theodore Ts'o and released under the GPL.

./docs/stylesheets/github-light.css:Copyright (c) 2016 GitHub, Inc.

and probably more

other stuff LGTM


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