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Re: [buildd] unexpected FTBFS on amd64 buildd «binet»

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 02:14:47PM +0000, lumin wrote:
> I encountered an unexpected FTBFS on amd64 that I can't repro.[1]
Your build log contains a) compile time checks for CPU features b) gcc
options to enable such features in the generated code. This is not
allowed, the package must support all machines supported by a given

> And I'd like to ask the list before fixing it by e.g. an binary
> only upload.
> My package lua-torch-torch7/experimental fails[2] to build from
> source because of an "illegal instruction" error at the debhelper
> auto test stage. However from that buildlog I can't tell which
> program to blame -- luajit or lua-torch-torch7.
> The upstream code indeed contains instruction specific stuff but
> I have never encountered such failure on amd64 architecture.
Maybe the upstream checks are buggy and in this case they produced code
that actually isn't supported in the host machine.

> Besides, I tested this package with debomatic-amd64[3] and the
> result is quite healthy.
Does debomatic check for instructions not valid on all amd64 machines?

>  * should we suspect the health state of that amd64 buildd
>    machine «binet»?
I don't think so.

>  * what should I do next? 
Start with fixing your package so that it doesn't compile with -msse4.2

> do a binary-only amd64 upload
Please don't.

>    request (and how) for a rebuild against that package?
Please don't.


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