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Bug#839725: uptimed: 0.4.0+git20150923.6b22106-1 [ITA]

Hallo Gustavo,

thanks for adopting the package!

ok, let's start with the review.
(The review is part of the NM process, gustavo's NM archive gets a copy
via BCC) 

Am Dienstag, den 04.10.2016, 18:22 +0800 schrieb gustavo panizzo:
> Package: sponsorship-requests
> Severity: normal
> Hello
> I'm looking for an sponsor of my package uptimed,
> I want to adopt this package after it was orphaned by the previous
> maintainer #830765
> uptimed is an old package (in debian since '99) it has many bugs
> open,
> I fixed some bugs but others I wasn't able to reproduce them,
> so my plan is to upload to experimental
> and contact the reporters to see if they/I can reproduce the bugs
> then fix
> them.
> I want to upload to experimental to check if it builds reproducibly
> in all Debian architectures.
> Be aware that I'll request another upload latter for unstable.
> debian/rules and packaging in general was polished, modernized, and
> uploaded
> to collab-maint
> this is the changelog

let me nitpick on your changelog a bit ;-)

> uptimed (1:0.4.0+git20150923.6b22106-1) experimental; urgency=medium
>   * New maintainer, thanks Thibaut Varene for your previous
>     work (Closes: #830765)
>   * Packaging is now maintained in collab-maint using a git repo

>   * Packaging an snapshot from upstream
>   * Packaging using git tags instead of tarballs

Those are acutally one change, not two.

>   * Change dh compat to level 9. No changes were needed
>   * Build depend on debhelper 9 and dh-autoreconf

those two lines are a little contradicting, you need the B-D version
for compat 9; and why not go for compat 10, it makes dh-autoreconf
default, for instance.  

>   * Update Homepage field on debian/control (Closes: #806456)
>   * Handle missing /etc/uptimed.conf (Closes: #680419)
>   * Simplify uptimed init.d script, restart unconditionally on
> uptimed
>     postinst
>   * Match the location of the $PIDFILE in the init script and the
> daemon
>     configuration (Closes: #336922) (LP: #482629)
>   * Create /run/uptimed via a tmpfile on systemd systems
>   * Change the default interval to save the database from 300 to 3600
> seconds

why? (changelogs should answer those questions...)

>   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.8. No changes were needed
>   * Override 2 lintian warnings (unused-debconf-template)

Why is the override neccessary?

>   * Remove perl dependency on libuptimed0 and libuptimed-dev, perl-
> base is
>     enough
>   * Change watch file to look at github
>   * Update uptimed's service file, to start after the time is in
> sync,
>     it still may fail if systemd-timesyncd.service is not in use

as said, those are nitpicks but a important reason to have changelogs
is to transport the information why something has changed and not only
what. This gives the users the opportunity to assess if a change
affects them. 

Another nitpick is: try to group related changes, it helps
understanding them.

To the package:
 * d/*.dirs shouldn't be neccessary anymore, 
 * *.la files should not be distributed anymore, did you check if it
   can vbe dropped? (https://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/LAFileRemoval
 * d/control: the "Replaces: libuptimed" could be dropped (it is from a
   release long long ago; nitpick)
 * ist uptime.conf.5 regenerated at build time? its header says it
 * there is an linitian _error_ init.d-script-needs-depends-on-lsb-
   base, but that should be easy to fix.
 * the spelling fix patch is not documented in the changelog
  * d/copyright is incomplete, I see at least one file with is not
covered: src/sd-daemon.c by L. Poettering

Please fix the lintian error, the d/copyright and then I'll upload.
The *.la can be fixed in a subsequent upload, but maybe you can include
it already in the revised packages.


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