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Bug#837798: RFS: libcgicc/3.2.16-0.1 NMU --


Quoting Thomas Pircher (2016-09-14 20:21:14)
> Changes since the last upload:
>    * Non-maintainer upload.
>    * New upstream release (closes: #833081, #811988, #798624, #645616).

I once made a similar mistake in one of my packages and just listed all the
closed bugs without writing down how the new release closes them. You can see
for yourself which version you like better in this commit where I fixed the
problem for my package:


Indeed it is not strictly *necessary* to list exactly how each bug was closed,
but it is nice for the submitter of the bug to read how it got handled in the
email they receive when your upload closes the bug. With just a list, as a bug
submitter you don't know how your problem was taken care of without manually
diffing the two versions. Here is a nice write-up about why to be more
elaborate in d/changelog:



cheers, josch

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