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Re: watch file - remove or only comments?

Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de> writes:

> I wonder what of these two options is the "correct" solution for an
> upstream that is not watch'able (e.g. has no release tarballs, etc.) -
> besides making upstream have release tarballs, that is ;):
>  a) no watch file
>  b) a watch file with only comments

Since a Lintian override file can also have comments on the override, I
would say:

* Compose an explanation why the ‘debian/watch’ file can't work, and

* Remove the empty ‘debian/watch’ file, and

* Override Lintian's ‘debian-watch-file-is-missing’ check, accompanied
  by a comment with the above explanation.

> In case a), lintian complains and proposes to place a watch file with
> a comment explaining why it is otherwise empty [0].

I would like to see Lintian stop giving that advice, as I think it's

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