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Re: watch file - remove or only comments?

Hi Dominik,

2016-10-11 8:53 GMT-03:00 Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de>:
> I wonder what of these two options is the "correct" solution for an
> upstream that is not watch'able (e.g. has no release tarballs, etc.) -
> besides making upstream have release tarballs, that is ;):
>  a) no watch file
>  b) a watch file with only comments
> In case a), lintian complains and proposes to place a watch file with a
> comment explaining why it is otherwise empty [0].
> In case b), (at least( the DMD [1] complains about empty uscan output.

To avoid a false impression that you ignored the watch file by
laziness and to inform an actual status, I created three fake
packages[1]. These packages say if there no upstream site, if there no
release in upstream site or if the upstream site there a package but
doesn't allow track it (using a JavaScript to block it, for example).

Some people are using my fake packages and you can see the result in
my DDPO[2]. Look at 0.No-Site, 0.No-Release and 0.No-Track.

Feel free if you want to use this solution.

[1] https://people.debian.org/~eriberto/#fake-packages
[2] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=eriberto@debian.org



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