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php-db-dataobject/1.11.5-1 --PHP PEAR module for object based SQL query building (re-requesting review)

Hi Thomas Goirand,

My name is rajasekhar. Me and Bhuvan krishna working on GNU-Social
project. There are dependencies for the mentioned project. So we are
packaging those dependencies. We are done with packaging two of such
packages, one is ' php-db-dataobject ' and the other is
'php-net-idna2'.As we observed that David Hannequin is already requested
RFS for 'php-db-dataobject' and you reviewed it, but it seemed to be of
no progress. So we raised a new RFS. Coming to the other
package(php-net-idna2) PaulWise reviewed the package but he said that he
can't upload it and not well known to php. The following are the bugs
and dsc URL's for those two packages. Will you please review those
packages and may be if there is a chance of uploading to archive it
would be a great help.

pkg-name :
php-db-dataobject --PHP PEAR module for object based SQL query building
dsc -

php-net-idna2 --PHP library for handling international domain names
dsc -

    --Rajasekhar [Hacktivist @swecha]

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