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Bug#836903: RFS: qevercloud/3.0.2+ds-1 [ITP] -- Unofficial Evernote Cloud API library for Qt

Hello Sean,

2016-10-09 8:36 GMT+08:00 Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name>:
> Hello Boyuan,
>> Added a patch to disable the instructions about PDFs in Doxyfile.
> Upstream has made a new release 3.0.3 incorporating a fix o/
> Could you try building the docs with this new release, please?

I made a new release with 3.0.3 called 3.0.3+ds.

The new version has been uploaded without modification about .so
symlink; see the discussion below.

> Btw, the Forwarded: header should point at patches submitted, not bug
> reports without patches.  You should include the issue URI in the patch
> description, instead.  (Doesn't matter if you're able to drop the
> patch.)

OK. (Those patches are dropped.)

>> > One more thing -- the .so should be installed as
>> > libqt?evercloud.so.3.0.0, with a symlink from libqt?evercloud.so.3.
>> > See ch. 8 of Debian policy for an explanation of this practice.
>> Patch added (0010-patch-library-soname-chain.patch).
>> Issue forwarded: https://github.com/d1vanov/QEverCloud/issues/7
> In addition, the symlink in the -dev package conventionally points at
> libqt?evercloud.so.3.0.0, rather than at libqt?evercloud.so.3 (again,
> see ch. 8 of Policy which specifies that this should be a "symlink
> pointing to the shared library", though I suppose that could be
> interpreted to include pointing via another symlink).

That is an interesting issue. In my opinion, as long as the -dev package
always keep the same version as the library package (as required
by Debian Policy), symlinking to libfoobar.so.3 seems to have the same
function as symlinking to libfoobar.so.3.0.0.

I made a small investigation on my own Debian testing. doing
`file /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/*.so` would return some interesting results.
While many libfoobar.so files is symlinking to final library so files,
there are lots of other files are symlinking to another symlink, for example
libfoobar.so.3, which makes a symlink toolchain. Examples include
libpython3.5m, libkf5 series, libopencv, libform and so on.

Given so many examples, I think it should be acceptable. What do you think?

The updated version of qevercloud can be found on GitHub/debian-mentors/

Boyuan Yang

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