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Bug#837476: RFS: willow/0.3.1-1 [ITP #837471]

Hello Christopher,

- d/copyright :
  * "Source: https://github.com/torchbox/Willow/archive/v0.3.1.tar.gz"; : you
    should point to the URL of the project rather than the versionned tarball
    itself, I guess.
  * identify -verbose  ./tests/images/orientation/landscape_4.jpg|grep -i copy
       icc:copyright: Copyright 2007 Apple Inc., all rights reserved.
    Several other images have such exif data.
    Maybe you can check with upstream about the entire directory.
- d/control : why not providing python3 package ?
- d/rules : * you can discard comments added by the generator
- lintians : for Informational "vcs-field-uses-insecure-uri" : "Note that you can
  often just exchange e.g. git:// with https:// for repositories."


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