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Bug#838939: RFS: devtodo/0.1.20-6.1 [NMU]

Hi Gianfranco!

On 09/28/2016 11:42 AM, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> I would expect some changes more if you want
> (note: they are usually out of an NMU scope, but with a maintainer mostly MIA, and a package
> RC buggy since 3 years, I think some work might be nice).

I think I will stick with nmu this time around, because I'm afraid I am
a little busy lately :/

> other stuff is good
> (I suggest you to run meld on build log files and debdiff on built deb files to see if changes are good or not
> other than by testing the package :p )

One thing I noticed here was the bash-completion file which is not being
packaged for some reason.
Is that expected?

> Of course if you don't want, or you are out of time, I can sponsor it as-is, maybe with a revert of the
> std-version bump (or a mention in changelog, even if policy forbids changes of it for NMUs)

I will look into that and reupload.

Thank you!

Fernando Seiti Furusato
IBM Linux Technology Center

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