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Bug#837650: RFS: cf-python/1.3.1+dfsg.1-1 [ITP]

Hi Gianfranco,

Am 30.09.2016 um 14:46 schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:
>> Since the package has been moved to the Python Modules team, finding a
>> sponsor within the team is your best option. Please contact
>> debian-python@lists.debian.org as documented in the Python Modules Team
>> policy:
> I'm member of Python Modules team, not a problem to sponsor the package, just some questions:
> "the netcdf package. There was an ITP for the netcdf-libcf package, but
> development of this source upstream is stalled.
> cf-python depends on netcdf-python being packaged first, and will be maintained
> within the Debian GIS team."
> this is what Ross said, where is netcdf-python package?

Bas already answered this one, just a little bit more details:
Ross original ITP was for version, which depended on the older
python binding. I packaged version 1.3.2, which depends on the more
modern netCDF4 binding, that is already available in debian as

> I also fail to see where Ross gave you permission to work and ask for sponsorhip on this package
> (this isn't an issue, but it wouldn't be the first time that somebody steals a package
> to another person, so I prefer a written sentence where permission to do it is granted).
I did not obtain permission from Ross previously. I sent an email to him
now, but as Bas pointed out, I took over the ticket as an RFP.
Briefly, the history was like this:
Feb. 2015: Ross reports the ITP
same day: he assigns ownership to the gis team
Aug. 2016: after 18 months without a change the ITP is turned into an
RFP by Bart Martens
Sep. 2016: I take over the RFP.

If I misbehaved I apologize. I tried to follow the pertinent Debian
documentation, but that can be a challenge in itself.

> So, if you can answer the above points and ping back, I'll be happy to do a review and maybe an upload.
Thanks, that would be great!

> BTW you should be member of the Team, and create a repo there if you want to maintain it
> under that umbrella [1].
I am already a member and the repository is available under the team
facilities, i.e. the MR thing with ./checkout cf-python should work.
In fact I already received a number of comments, particularly from
bignose and mapreri, that improved the quality of the package (I hope),
and of the software itself, since some of the necessary patches have
already moved upstream.

If it's preferable to keep the package in the GIS team, I will also be
happy to do that. I am inexperienced in Debian politics and submit to
your better judgment.

Thanks again!

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