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Bug#807763: Looking for help to solve licence and third-party issues of the tomahawk-player package


> please ping me when the jreen is accepted, I'll go in a new review spin.

Ok, I'll do it.

> please point to the sources, and look if the copyright shows them.
> http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/main/c/clementine/unstable_copyright

Tomahawk and clementine uses the company logos for the provided
services/resolvers. On both software, the logos are necessary to show
the music streaming source. This is a requirement to use this services.

I discussed the problematic with the developers of tomahawk but they
think it is not a good idea to replace them because the company only
allows the use of their services if there is the company branding. It
would be more critical to replace them with self-made-ones than to ship
the logos.

For example in the clementine sources:
 * clementine-1.2.3+git1354-gdaddbde+dfsg/data/icons/svg/spotify.svg
 * clementine-1.2.3+git1354-gdaddbde+dfsg/data/providers/soundcloud.png
 * clementine-1.2.3+git1354-gdaddbde+dfsg/data/providers/itunes.png
 * clementine-1.2.3+git1354-gdaddbde+dfsg/data/providers/echonest.png
There are many more company branding in /data/providers but there is no
comment in the copyright file.

I think this is a very important issue.


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